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Communication in the Corona Virus Era

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Communication in the Corona Virus Era

Mar 18, 2020Tyrone Wiseman

Communication in the Corona Virus Era:

We’re here for you!

As I sit here contemplating the dwindling number of toilet rolls left in the office, the world is changing before our eyes. News and social media updates are constant. Mixed, sometimes confusing, messages are being shared around the globe. New restrictions to our basic freedoms are added on an almost daily basis, and stock markets are fluctuating wildly.

All of this has combined to create a sense of unease and insecurity in our communities.

At Wiseman Financial Services, we’re tackling this uncertainty by getting in touch with you all and letting you know we’re here to help. 

If you’re concerned about your investments, employment or potential income, please email or call us and we’ll organise a suitable time to have a chat.

We’re conscious of the need for social distancing to help slow down the spread of this virus and protect those at higher risk. But we also see the value in speaking face-to-face about things that matter. So, whether you’re actually quarantined, or just being extra-careful, setting up a simple teleconference through Zoom or Skype is good option for us to be able to communicate easily about your situation and your options for the future. (And don’t worry if you’re not super-techy, we can talk you through the app installation over the phone. We’ll be chatting in no time.)

Click here to try Zoom now

Speaking of Zoom Video Communication, their shares are currently sitting at an all-time high. They have soared rapidly since half the world is now, where possible, working from home. It’s certainly an unusual situation, one we’ve never seen before...

What Italy Looks like under Complete Lockdown - Business Insider, 2020

In a curious twist of fate, shares have also jumped (up 54%) for Zoom Technologies, a Chinese-based microcap company which has absolutely nothing to do with teleconferencing or Zoom Video. 

It appears that eager investors have been mistakenly buying stock in the wrong Zoom. Oops!

Although the global outbreak of COVID-19 has created widespread panic and worry, it’s important to recognise the need to deal with this threat together (quite an ironic statement since we are meant to be keeping our distance). Seriously though, whether it’s self-isolating, doing our shopping with consideration for others or washing our hands regularly, we need to tackle this situation as a united front. 

If you’re feeling worried or stressed about your financial situation, get in touch. The share market is volatile at the moment but, as most of our clients know, we always try to look for the positives and take the stance ‘When it’s bad, it’s good.’ When the markets are down, there are often good opportunities presented for long-term clients, and we’re happy to discuss these with you to pre-empt any actions you may need to consider.

We’re also extending our available hours so we can continue to keep in touch with you all during these uncertain times.

Take care and stay safe!

The Wiseman Financial Services Team